Evening of Reminiscences -September 28, 2016

PBQers were presented with another challenge for our second meeting of the 2016-2017 season. Our challenge was to dig into our personal collection and come up with our first quilt. A number of members were able to locate said quilt and entertain the group with stories of inspiration, improvised bindings, polyester fabric, not enough fabric purchased, and more.There were many admissions of mistakes, though not obvious to the viewer. More than anything, it was an impressive display of first quilts.

Some of the influences for the quilts were: Papagallo, family history of Alaskan homesteading, first homes, new babies, and holidays. There were lots of references to hand made templates, scissors, and hand quilting and knotting or tying.

All of the quilters showing their first quilts stuck with quilt making and have evolved into artful, skilled, and masterful quilters who are contributing to the preservation of the folk art of quilting and the expansion into modern quilting.

Here are three "first quilts" as an example with the inspiration.

Rosalie D: Homesteading in Alaska

Charlotte H: New Home

June C: Papagallo