Timna Tarr Trunk Show

At our October 26, 2016 meeting, PBQers were presented with another educational and entertaining trunk show. This time it was by award winning quilter, Timna Tarr.  Timna has a family legacy of quilting which she explains she was not interested in perpetuating until she was introduced to long arm quilting. Then she took off and continued the family legacy.  She then expanded into a successful business in long arm quilting.

Timna explained how she likes small compositions and always completes one quilt before she moves on to the next. 

Her work is about color and she loves circles. PBQers were particularly interested in her quilted versions of maps of her hometown, Hadley, MA. Timna spent 13 years long arming for clients while designing and and creating her own quilts.  It was a pleasure to be introduced to such an inspirational quilter.