September 2016 - Welcome Back Quilters to Another Season

Members were welcomed back to the 2016 - 2017 PBQ season with a display of 24 beautiful quilts that were the results of the Hexagon Summer Challenge. As always, it was tough to vote for just one. Our winners this year were: first place, Patty B, second place Mary S, and third place Anne C. Lori F took charge of organizing the summer challenge.  Many thanks to all who contributed to this creative annual event.

The Summer Challenge quilts will be exhibited at the West Roxbury branch of the Boston Public Library after the New Year. The dates of the exhibit will be announced at an upcoming meeting once they are confirmed. The dates will also be posted here, on Facebook, and in the meeting summaries that are emailed to the membership. All quilters, even those who might not have had time this summer to finish their challenge quilts, are invited to show their hexagon quilts at this exhibit. 

Co-presidents, Ginny K and Janet H have introduced a new email notification system using Gmail. The Guild has grown to over 100 members and we needed a bigger server to manage the email notifications. With the new “Oval Office” mailbox, messages can be sent out by both Co-presidents and responses, or questions, or comments can be sent back to the “Oval Office” mailbox where they can be retrieved by either Ginny or Janet. While we work out the kinks, any urgent emails can be send directly to Ginny and/or Janet at their email addresses.

Because our membership committee was unable to attend last week's meeting, dues and enrollment in the 2016-2017 PBQ season will be taken by Jeannette and Marguerite at our next meeting,  this Wednesday, September 28.  If you haven't enrolled yet, the yearly dues will be collected at that time

Annie J made an announcement of a new quilting group that has grown out of a group that used to meet at the Button Box before it closed.  For those who are interested in another venue to connect with other sewers and quilters check out the web site, or see Janet G or Anne J.