Inside the 2015 Biennial Quilt Show: it's more than quilts!

The 2015 Quilt Show was a great success, thanks to all our volunteers.   The winning quilts and gallery of all the quilts in the show can be seen in other posts on this website. 

Here are some of the other things that were going on at our show!

The Boutique table was chaired by Nancy Donovan.  Her display was great, especially the corner with all the pillows donated from the 2015 Summer Challenge. The items for sale were lovely and it was a fun place to shop!  Turns out red doll dresses sell like hotcakes!!

Cathie Cummings and Margie Jones organized all the volunteers working the show. The White Glove Ladies did a great job.  They do a lot of PR for the guild as well as showing off the backs of quilts!  

Susan Powers and her group did an awesome job with Admissions.  Their welcoming greeting and efficient ticketing were the best possible entry to the Show!   

The amazing Cafe Crew was headed by cooks Kathy Lynch and Ruth Kajunski who stepped in to cover for Janet Bernault. (Thanks, Ruth!)  It's a favorite place at the show.  It's so nice to have a sunny place to sit and chat with friends while enjoying a yummy treat!  And it's great that the show volunteers are able sit to rest a bit while having a meal!  

Lorri Foley and friends assembled some great raffle baskets. Most of the baskets were won by folks from the community.  I'm sure there are lots of happy winners out there!  

Community Outreach was chaired by Kace Wilson.  This was the one booth were guild members were actually sewing...and encouraging visitors to take a turn sewing too. They made 36 pillowcases during the 3 days of the show!

I watched them working at the booth on several occasions.  The kids were having so much fun learning to use the sewing machine.  Did you know that the foot of a sewing machine is just like a ski?  Kace was totally fearless with kids putting the petal to the metal and sewing at top speed! I think she had as much fun as they did!  Not only did pillowcases get made, the kids left beaming!  I suspect several future quilters got started on their sewing career at the show! 



There were two professional vendors this year, Kindred Quilters from Rhode Island and Crafty GirlMaryfrances Fabbri, who is a member of our guild.

On several occasions I noted a cluster of girls around Maryfrances' booth deciding which of the pretty no-slip headbands they loved most and excitedly choosing their purchases! And I saw quite a number of Guild members happily carrying home one of her painted signs!

Shari, one of the two women who owns Kindred Quilters, worked tirelessly, with never flagging cheerfulness, for the entire show!  She has a very clever technique using a thumbtack(!!) for making circular patterns with the decorative stitches on the sewing machine!  Very ingenious and so much fun to see it in action!  That's Shari sitting at her Bernina ready to demonstrate the technique.  Kindred Quilters was a great addition to our show! I hear her husband, who worked the booth with her, had a great time too!  


The other vendor at the show was our own Jeannette Tobin. The S.A.B.L.E Table ran a brisk business selling de-stash fabrics!  I didn't get a photo of her booth but here's a photo of Jeannette, on the far right, holding the lap size Guild Raffle Quilt which she won!  Well deserved for all her hard work in so many capacities!!

A big round of Applause for Anne O'Connell and Carleen Farrell, the Show Co-Chairs.  

Great job ladies!!   So well done!