PBQ 2016 Hexagonal Summer Challenge


First place:  P. Bailey

Second place:  M. Sheehan

Third place: A. Connor

There were 25 quilts in all. 

Part 1 of 3

L. Foley.    Linear Kaffe with gray and white 

M. Kennedy.  Diagonal rainbow

M. Willis.  Blue and red One Block Wonder

G. King.  Blue and Green Kaleidoscope 

J. Tucker Hexagon Strings Log Cabin

J. Nagy Beach Block of the Month June 2016

L. Scollins. Moon and Stars

Part 2 of 3

S. Eusebi.  Tree of Life

D. Washburn.  Gray free motion w/ hexagons

J. Cunniffe.  Sewing kit bag

L. Lober.  Folded flowers in pot

G. Minasian.  Blocks from June workshop 

G. Minasian.  Row by Row animals 

K. Wilson.  Color wheel

Part 3 of 3

J. Kilgore.  Red orange and black one block wonder

M. Harrell.  Kaffe hexagons 

M. Harrell.  Floral hexagons

M. Berman.  Kaffe/purple tote & solid colors necklace

B. Winrich.   Pineapple

A. Niederkorn.   One and Done hexagon