WINDHARP, Poems of Ireland since 1916, Edited by Niall MacMonagle and Published by Penguin Ireland

This is the Quilt of the Book cover for a book that was just launched in Dublin.

The book is WINDHARP, Poems of Ireland since 1916. Published by Penguin Ireland.

It is an anthology, edited by my dear friend, Niall MacMonagle, who is described as Ireland's most trusted poetry commentator. It is a lovely book, capturing the history of Ireland throughout the past 100 years.

When I saw the cover in June, I told him it would make a great quilt... and thus began my summer adventure! It was at the launch in Dublin, in early September, at the National Library, and is currently in the window at Hodges and Figgis, a bookstore on Dawson Street, Dublin.

It will be traveling to London in late October for a launch at the Irish Embassy! I hope to see it there....! Who knew....  thanks for "showing it off...

 Marguerite Gallagher