Adele Scott - My Favorite Tips, Techniques & Products

Our speaker at PBQ January 25th meeting was Adele Scott of Adele Scott Design Studio. Adele is a wealth of knowledge of tricks and tips for quilters and sewers. She took her decades of experience and turned it into a business. Adele’s first job was working in the sewing machine department at Sears where she was involved in teaching “Machine Know-how” classes.

From there Adele moved to the Singer Co. learning sales, machine repair, and store management. Eventually she combined her machine knowledge and management skills and started Stitched Unlimited in Northampton, MA, where she was a Viking and Bernina dealer for over 18 years. Adele’s shop continued to grow and expand, as her fellow associates became known for giving there clientele exceptional customer service, through programs like my “Machine Know How Club” program, outstanding service department, unlimited machine lessons, and a consultation program for those purchasing a new sewing machine.*

Adele set up her shop for our meeting and gave us a very detailed presentation on the functions and care of the products and told us that every product she has in her shop is tested by her and her associates before selling them. She gave us a handout of her favorite tools which is a great resource of tested tools and equipment.

Adele is also a quilter along with her 80+ year old mother. She presented some of her quilts as examples of how she used various tools.
It was a very education evening.

*Much of this part of the blog post is lifted from Adele’s “About Me” page on her web site.